Hope for Youth International (HYI) works for uplifting youth to be able to impact their spiritual and social life and affect the world in a powerful way through its programs.

HYI strives to meet the spiritual and social needs of youth through Christian retreats, counseling, and educational programs.

The primary focus of HYI is on youth who live in inner cities; economically disadvantaged youth in poor and developing countries, school dropouts/”at-risk youth”, and youngsters in the custody of orphanages.

The purpose of HYI
There are plenty of ministries working for the benefit of youth and what differentiates HYI? Today’s youth is in a unique position either to impact the world positively or could contribute to a dysfunctional society. They are part of an intense, sophisticated, and social media oriented culture in developed and developing nations. In poor countries, numerous youth are in orphanages and foster homes languishing with no proper guidance and advice to be a fruitful member of the society and a faithful follower of Jesus. We believe that HYI and its programs are designed to assist youth to see their potential and become contributing member of the society upholding Christian values. HYI will not run institutions; we conduct programs to achieve the outcomes that accomplish our mission.