The specific programs include, but not limited to, the following:

cross   HYI team will conduct youth retreats programs at the orphanages to promote self- esteem, to motivate and instill a sense of purpose in life and spiritual       experience. This program involves providing retreats and counseling sessions for children and youth in orphanages and foster institutions that enable them to       lead a life filled with Holy Spirit and become productive members of the society they live in.

cross   HYI will organize educational programs for economically disadvantaged youth to enhance their academic skills. Educational and economic opportunities of       children and youth are limited if you are born into impoverished areas.

cross   Provide specialized financial and counseling support to institutions who deal with “at risk youth”. HYI will sponsor or conduct programs at institutions that guide       and mentor the “at risk youth” to teach them responsibility, discipline and lead them to be civic minded members of the community.

cross   Initiate programs in modern medium of communication including the social media space to reach the new generation youth and guide them how to use the new       mediums in a responsible and informed way.

cross   Provide retreats to youth to instill Christian faith and promote evangelization. Support organizations and groups who preach the gospel to youth to bring new faith       experience or spiritual renewal in them.